Bungee Jumpin Cows Mp3s

Rockin’ the Foundations of Science CD (available at CD Baby- Rockin’ the Foundations of Science )

  1. We Don’t Wanna Go
  2. Arachnidae
  3. We Sail the Winds
  4. One of These Days
  5. Shark’s in the House
  6. The Banana Slug Song
  7. Fire!
  8. Laws of Physics
  9. Bloodsucking Friends
  10. Earthquake
  11. National Champion Judger of Cows

Rock Candy CD (available at CD Baby- Rock Candy

  1. Groty Toes
  2. Undertakers (Decomposers)
  3. Termite Flatulence
  4. Dancing with the Insects
  5. Road Pizza Party
  6. Bubba (the Frog)
  7. Tornado Twist
  8. Rock of the Earth
  9. Gusano (I am a Worm)
  10. Alien Gobbler
  11. Food Chain Gang