Bungee Jumpin Cows Reviews

“A combustible brew of hard rock and solid science,
from which emanates some memorable musical lessons about spiders,
sharks, earthquakes, the atmosphere, and even principles of physics –
always with a light touch.  “Blood-Sucking Friends,” and ode to
mosquitoes, tells the insects’ side of the story, and “The Laws of
Physics” accomplishes (with hot guitar licks and lyrics) what many 
a more conventional teacher only dreams of drilling into reluctant
minds.  A”

Parenting Magazine

“The show was big fun and your energy is cowntagious.”
-Laura Tucker, 40

“I’ve been exposed to every major children’s label, and this is the most  exciting thing I’ve heard!”
-Len Moors, Discographer, Intouch group Inc.

“It’s the ‘Far Side’ of music”
-Debbie Martin, Jr. High School teacher

“There is so much talent and charisma in your
group.  The only thing I can think of that compares with the kids’
reaction to your show is the way my sister and I reacted to the
Beatles.  I’ll be in the front row for any of your concerts !”

-Peter Fox, parent of a 4 & 6 year old

Each song is its own distinct ‘package’, and the drama in
each song matches its musical style.  It’s almost as if you can
see a play unfolding as you listen to the words.  The science
content has been artistically brought to life and given a personality.

Laura Lowell, director of chemistry education, Lawrence Hall of Science

“Jeff has been playing that tape at top volume non stop since it arrived.”  “We all love it”
Ginny Evans, mother of a 14 year old

The Cows tape is about slugs and cows and sharks and
mosquitoes and the laws of Physics.  I like all of the songs. 
I like Laws of Physics best.  It’s nice music and good words.

Lisa Battaglia, age 5

The Bungee Jumpin’ Cows are COOL!  They really rock!
James Puett, age 10

This group is really great.  The singers are very
good singers.  The songs are also very funny.  It makes me
want to get up and dance

Melissa, grade 5

I know other people like them because Kyle and Mike were
going crazy.  I think that it coud be a real hit because it has a
real good beat

Nate, grade 5

I really like the wacky words and story they tell
Randall Evans, 16

I liked the rythim the best.  It waas a fun time.  I learned some things on it, too.  I want to hear more.
Eric, grade 5

Kids will like this tape a lot.  They will enjoy it
and at the same time they will learn from the tape.  I think all
ages will like this tape it is funnie

Dayna Baer, grade 5

I think that the songs have very good rithom”  “I like how they youse natcher in ther songs”
Tammy, grade 5

I like how it is different then other tapes.
Megan, grade 5

I think it is cool.  Kids would like it an they could learn from it.  It is also funny
Pato, grade 5

I think this song/tape is really silly.  It makes learning about science really fun.  I LOVE IT!
Lauren Pitt, grade 5

“I have not stopped listening to it since I got it “The
Bungee Jumpin’ Cows has lots of songs I find interesting because I love
science and enjoyed listening to it being put into a song

Jeff Evans, 14

I think the way you sing is very unique and funny.
Vora, grade 5

It was funny, hilarious and good
Shane, grade 5

It is very creative!  The songs are great!!
Carrie, grade 5

I think everyone from ages 6-15 will like this tape.  It’s fun(ny) and educational at the same time. I really think the tape is real good because people from all over the world can learn.
Lauren Stern, grade 5

People may wonder what I’m bopping along to in traffic, but I do enjoy the tape.
Barbara Hinman, grandmother

I think it’s really interesting music.  It has a lot of different variety of music and I like it.
Neal Battaglia, 9

“By far the most successful parent-child evening event
the school has ever hosted.  Thank you for performing with such
energy and great professionalism.  Our parents discovered that
their kids are ROCKERS!”

-Marian Marshall, elementary teacher

As a mother of a six year-old girl, I highly recommend the Bungee
Jumpin’ Cows.  Not only does my daughter love the music, singing
out loud and dancing through the house, the songs’ lyrics have led to
discussions of scientific matters that I never would have broached with a
child her age.  Explaining the concept of environmental
responsibility after listening to ‘Termite Flatulence’ or discussing the
transference of disease through sneezing (“Hey, Larry, you don’t look
so good” is one of Katie’s favorite phrases these days) and then
listening to my daughter explain the songs to her friends is some of the
best entertainment I’ve had in a long time.
– Dawn Rogers, mother of a six year old