I am a Worm Gusano

I am a Worm (Gusano)
I am a worm
The wondrous worm
It’s down under
I love to squirm
To eat the dead
And the living’s my toil
And what comes out makes magnificent soil
Am/E//Am//F/Am E Am E Am

Gusano nonono nono nonono nono nononono si
Gusano nonono nono nonono nono nononono si
I aerate the earth as I tunnel and squirm
I’m proud to be called a worm
C G F E/C G F E/F G C D/F G Am

Our tunnels flood
It rains all night
Come up for air
We’re killed by light
When people die worms attend
Though it’s dull
But no one comes to a worms’ funeral


A robin’s cute
Have you not heard?
Of the massacres
By the early bird
We do such good
From us you could learn
But you make us fish bait in return

©1993 Mel McMurrin & Kevin Beals

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