Termite Flatulence

Termite Flatulence
Went down to dee tropics today
Where dee rainforest is being stripped away
Everyday we kill many species of plants
The only thing left is gonna be termite flatulence.
Termite flatulence
Let the rainforest have a chance
Stop termite flatulence
People who need money cut down dee trees
To raise dee cows for you and me
When you’re eating hamburger you should know
You’re eating the rainforest and making it go…to flatulence
When dee trees cut down dee stumps dey stay
There’s a lotta dead wood left round to decay
Dee termites go to dee wood to munch
For dere termite breakfast, dinner and dere termite lunch…flatulence
Group 1:Hey Mon, Group 2:Hey Wo-mon
Leader: Help the rainforest stay
Group 1:Hey Mon, Group 2:Hey Wo-mon
Leader: Don’t throw diversity away
(Do these with hey mon’s too:)
It’s not just the trees —–It’s the cure to disease
If you want to do good —–Don’t buy tropical wood
It’s affecting us all —– Hear the flatulence call
You might wonder what you can do all alone
Don’t eat cheap beef till the cows come home
If we all eat more Brazilian nuts
It might slow down all the termite butts… and stop flatulence
©1993 Kevin Beals, Joel Dunlap

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